The California Dogecoin of Fairfield Professional Baseball Club is new for the 2020 season and will be playing in the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs out of Laurel Creek Park in Fairfield, California. A unique mashup between family fun and crypto currency promotion! 1 DOGE still equals 1 DOGE!

Dogecoin value has increased 307.42% since it began trading in late 2013!

The Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs is well positioned in an area that is known for world class wines and also a huge tech industry. Other franchises in the league have effectively cross promoted with companies in the wine industry.  This will be a unique opportunity to cross promote with the crypto currency / blockchain / tech industry and not only have a fan base locally but a global fan base.  That dog has never let anyone down!  It is always looking at you like The Mona Lisa and an amazing project and community that can positively promote this growing industry.  What better way to promote digital currencies than with a professional sports franchise in an area of the country known for being at the cutting edge of technology breakthroughs.


Winning is a clear goal and with the true spirit of minor league baseball we are planning to have fun and put on an entertaining and exciting experience for fans of all ages! Another goal is to get Dogecoin listed on Coinbase which is based in San Francisco and is one of the largest fiat (government issued) currency to crypto currency exchanges in the world.  Another goal is to get Mark Zuckerberg to forget about his proposed Libra crypto currency for Facebook and realize that all roads lead back to the DOGE!  That would save him a lot of headaches and pressure at those senate hearings! Maybe Mark can come to a game.  He is relatively close by!


The singular Dogecoin was chosen for a couple of reasons. The plural form could confuse people out of the reality that 1 DOGE still equals 1 DOGE and also 1 DOGE is all you are ever going to need in the future!  “That’s ridiculous!?!?” Was it ridiculous when Bitcoin went to $1,000?  What about when it went to $20,000?  What about when it goes to $100,000 / coin?

The Fairfield community is VERY important to the team but the reason it is the California Dogecoin instead of the Fairfield Dogecoin is simply for marketing reasons.  Since the team has a built in world wide fan base and the lure of the entire state of California it made more sense to name it that for the sale of team merchandise.