Frequently Asked Questions

The active roster size for a Pacific Association club is twenty three (23) players.

No. One of the unique things about the Pacific Association is there are no designations like that and as long as you are 18+ you aren’t excluded even if this is your first professional experience or you are a former MLB all star.

The singular Dogecoin was chosen for a couple of reasons. The plural form could confuse people out of the reality that 1 DOGE still equals 1 DOGE and also 1 DOGE is all you are ever going to need in the future!  “That’s ridiculous!?!?” Was it ridiculous when Bitcoin went to $1,000?  What about when it went to $20,000?  What about when it goes to $100,000 / coin?

The Fairfield community is VERY important to the team but the reason it is the California Dogecoin instead of the Fairfield Dogecoin is simply for marketing reasons.  Since the team has a built in world wide fan base and the lure of the entire state of California it made more sense to name it that for the sale of team merchandise.

There are typically 64-75 games in the season which primarily takes place in the months of June, July, and August. The final schedule hasn’t been generated yet.



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