Because of COVID-19 and the regulations in various areas of the country the planned season in the Pacific Association could not occur. For the 2020 season we are pleased to announce that we have secured a very special historic stadium and will be playing the inaugural season of the Liberation Professional Baseball League which will feature four teams. The Indiana Barn Owls, The BaseballResume Bandits, The Indy Windstorm, and The California Dogecoin.

League Stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana was built in 1894 and was also the Rockford Peaches home stadium in the movie A League Of Their Own. The facility has a lot of character to say the least.

There will be Rapsodo and Blast Tech analytics from for pitchers to get their spin rates, velo, and break on pitches and for hitters to get bat speed and other data.  We expect 60+ contracts to be awarded at the camp and there will also be another 12 or so reserve pool players that will continue to workout and will be the first players we will draw from when moves need to be made.   So there are a lot of opportunities in this camp and gives pitchers multiple opportunities and hitters the ability to get lots of ABs. 

The tryout camp / spring training will be August 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th at League Stadium. Go to the tryout page to register.