The Liberation League plays Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will be in League Stadium until October 18th. 

Tuesday September 15th – Indy Windstorm vs California Dogecoin (Home) 6:30PM

Wednesday September 16th – Indiana Barn Owls vs Baseball Resume Bandits (Home) 6:30PM

Thursday September 17th –  California Dogecoin vs Indy Windstorm (Home) 6:30PM

Friday September 18th – Indy Windstorm vs Baseball Resume Bandits (Home) 6:30PM

Saturday September 19th – (Game 1) Bandits vs Dogecoin (Home) 2:00PM, (Game 2) Windstorm vs Barn Owls (Home) 6:30PM

Sunday September 20th – (Game 1) Barn Owls vs Bandits (Home) 2:00PM, (Game 2) Barn Owls vs Windstorm (Home) 6:30PM 

Thank You!