A combination of efforts lead to another Dogecoin victory. Phillip Rowland struck out 9 in 6 inning pitched to only give up the 1 earned run of the night neutralizing the Bandit’s bats. Consistant hitting from the Dogecoin throughout the game wore the Bandits down and the errors got contagious at a couple of points in the game. The Bandits ended up with 8 errors while the Dogecoin only had 1 error on the night. Gasper D’Anna went 3 for 4 and Bronson Butcher went 2 for 4 to recognize some of the excellent hitting on the night for the Dogecoin.

Sunday’s game will be between the Indiana Barn Owls and the Baseball Resume Bandits. The game time will be at 6:30PM.

Jonathon Bigley

Saturday August 15th, 2020 – The California Dogecoin vs The Baseball Resume Bandits – Game 6 Stats