Liberation Professional Baseball League 2020 Tryout Camp

August 25th and 26th @ League Stadium in Huntingburg, IN.

There will be Rapsodo and Blast Tech analytics from for pitchers to get their spin rates, velo, and break on pitches and for hitters to get bat speed and other data.  We expect 25+ contracts to be awarded at the camp and there will also be another 12 or so reserve pool players that will continue to workout and will be the first players we will draw from when moves need to be made.   So there are a lot of opportunities in this camp and gives pitchers and hitters the ability to showcase their skills.

The league is 18+ with no classifications or roster restrictions for veterans.   Collegiate players are welcome to come to the camp to get analytics but need to signify if they don’t want to get signed to a team to protect their college eligibility.

Camp is $150 for the 2 days.

Last camp guys got their evaluation extended into the regular season games so they were able to get an extended opportunity to showcase their ability in the actual games.

We can’t guarantee host families for everyone but a lot of guys have been finding their own host families just being friendly with the community. There is also a player stipend each week but players need to understand they are taking on a certain amount of responsibility and that this isn’t a normal year. What is provided is an actual opportunity to play against legitimate competition, get professional stats, and play in a one of a kind historic stadium in a great community.

You can use the PayPal buttons below or send direct payment to @DogecoinBaseball with Venmo. After payment send an e-mail to with the following information so we can get you added to the Rapsodo before the camp starts. Name: Cell Phone Number: Email: Height: Weight: Position(s):

Registration is at 8:30am-9:30am on August 25th. Bring grey pants, white pants, black belt, black socks, and have your mask for off the field. Also have your own helmet. Guys can’t be sharing helmets with the COVID-19 situation.